Book your exam online or at our office and access our free preparation materials today. 

When you book an IELTS test with the British Council, you also get included in your test fee: 

  • Exclusive, free access to our popular online preparation course 'Road to IELTS Last Minute course', which includes 100 interactive activities, 9 video tutorials and two IELTS Academic practice tests for each of the four skills
  • Five extra Test Report Forms for free that we send free of charge to institutions you’re applying to (e.g. immigration offices, universities etc.)

Choose how to take your IELTS test and book online

You can take your test at one of our official test centres on paper or on a computer. All you need is a valid identification document and a bank card if you want to pay online.

You can also take IELTS Online (IELTS Academic only) from the comfort of your home or any private space with a stable internet connection.

Test type Fee Book
IELTS Academic - on paper 210 USD Book now
IELTS General Training - on paper 210 USD Book now
IELTS Academic  - on computer 225 USD Book now
IELTS General Training  - on computer 225 USD Book now
IELTS Academic Online - remotely on a computer 225 USD Book now
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration (Academic and General Training) - on paper and computer 250 USD Book now
IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1) 183 USD Book now

What you need to book

  1. Make sure you have a valid Identification Document to complete your registration:

    - Passport: please make sure your passport is not expired nor will it expire by the test date

    - National Identity card: National ID cards are only accepted for Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian nationals (Civil Registers are not accepted)

    Please note that on the test day, you will need to present the same original identification document that you have used for the registration. Different, invalid or expired passports or national ID cards will not be accepted, and you will not be allowed to enter the test room. 

  2. Keep in mind that the Speaking Exam for paper-based IELTS will take place 5 days before the date of the exam, or on the day of the exam, or on a Monday after the day of the exam; please avoid booking any flights during the week before and after the examination date.

Paying for your test

  1. For IELTS for UKVI, you can apply and pay online (above).
  2. We only accept USD payments. You can pay for your test either through online payment when registering for a test or by cash USD payment at an WHISH Money branch, at our offices in Beirut Digital District - Bachoura, or at any BLOM or ARAB bank branch all over Lebanon. 
  • If you wish to pay for your test at WHISH Money, visit any WHISH Money branch in Lebanon. The agents will fill in your test or service details, record your name and mobile number, and help you complete the transaction
  • If you wish to pay for your test through online payment please login to your account (created upon registration) using your email and password and go to "Upcoming Test Dates", click the test, and go to "payment"s.
  • If you wish to pay for your test at our offices, our customer services officers are happy to have you during our opening hours (mentioned in our "contact us" page)
  • If you wish to pay for your test at BLOM or ARAB bank, you will need to provide the teller with your name and test reference number (e.g. A3-LB001-S-XXXXXX). Once you have made the payment, please send us the payment receipt to

After you have booked your test

You will receive emails confirming:

  • The start time of your test and the venue address
  • Your Speaking Test date
  • your access to the free online preparation courses: Road to IELTS Last Minute Version and IELTS Ready: Premium.

More information about the test

Download and read our Information for Candidates, which contains important information about the test format, the question types and the test results.