Director's message © British Council Lebanon
Director's message © British Council Lebanon

I first came to Lebanon towards the end of 2014 but in spite of arriving in a storm, I was struck by the warmth of welcome and the interest in our work, with a focus on youth development. I was delighted to return last year as Country Director with my wife and daughter who have both experienced that warm Lebanese welcome. 

I am proud to work for an organisation which has been flourishing for 80 years, bringing the people of Lebanon and the UK, and our institutions, closer together   We have been in Lebanon since 1946 and through this shared history, we have been able to grow and nurture new opportunities for Lebanon and the UK, and to build sustainable relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

We work in the areas of Education and English, with programmes like Connecting Classrooms and Language 4 Resilience supporting all children to achieve their potential and to develop skills needed to access work, services, education and information. We work towards the inclusion of young people and women, through programmes like Active Citizens which contribute to increased understanding of our role in our community, and which seek to maximise opportunities for them and to reduce their vulnerabilities to the challenges which they face building their resilience. We work to nurture creativity and culture whether to preserve and develop Cultural Heritage, or support and develop new creative enterprises  and create new opportunities for partnerships between the UK and Lebanon. 

Our Examinations services offer people access to internationally recognized UK qualifications which act as a passport to progression in education and career. We are able to guarantee the integrity of the examination process thereby maintaining their reputation globally. Over 9,000 people took British exams with us in 2018.

Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity is reflected across our programmes as we seek to reach out to call sections of Lebanese society and we know this is appreciated by our contacts and partners, which we hope includes you!  I encourage you to follow the British Council on our social media channels and to give us your feedback on how we can make things even better – I am a regular Twitter user who follows events in Lebanon, the region and globally and from time to time share my thoughts through this medium. So please stay in touch

David Knox

Country Director