Laptop and mobile screen displaying the EnglishScore B2B online English test

What is EnglishScore for Business?

EnglishScore is a mobile English test that can be used by employers and education institutions to get a rapid read on the ability levels of staff and students.

Get testing quickly with a remote test that requires no setup. Just open an account, invite your test-takers to download the app (Apple or Android), and their results will automatically be shared to your dashboard.

The test takes about 30 minutes and gives an overall score (aligned to CEFR), as well as a breakdown for the sections: reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary. Questions change each time to prevent people from learning the answers, and the front-facing camera is used to deter against cheating.

A quick and easy way to assess your staff or students

Employers can use EnglishScore to screen new recruits before interview, or to gauge the level of existing staff - using the data to inform training plans, or to make sure the best people are placed into the right roles.

Colleges and universities can use EnglishScore to place students into the right courses, or to let them check their level as they progress towards employment.

Certificates are available too. They can be purchased by the test-taker when they have achieved their target result, or can be paid for centrally by the administrator.

How to use EnglishScore for Business

If you are an employer or education institution, you can sign-up for a free business account and we’ll give you $250 worth of free tests to get started. We will verify your details, create your account and allocate your test credits.

We’ll also open your first testing project, and assign you a unique ‘connect code’. Simply invite your test-takers to download the app and enter this code when they start the test. When they are finished, their results will be automatically shared to your dashboard.

How is the test structured?

EnglishScore starts with a section on grammar and vocabulary that takes 15-20 minutes to complete. This is followed by a reading section, and a listening section, each of which take around 10 minutes.

The reading and listening sections vary in difficulty based on the test-takers performance in the grammar and vocabulary section. The high scorers get harder questions, while the lower scores get easier questions. This means that, with a single test, you can assess across a range of proficiency levels.

The main score is given on a scale of 0-599, and aligns to the internationally recognised Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Sub-scores are also provided which give an indication of relative performance on each of the sections of the test.