We work to build relationships between people and institutions in the UK and Lebanon, through programmes and events in the areas of English, Arts, Education and Society. 

Much of what we do in Lebanon has an international dimension involving countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Whether you are aiming to learn the English language in your country or in the UK, seeking funding for your studies, asking for assistance in searching a course in the UK, requiring a UK exam, or willing to know about the UK arts scene, we are in Beirut as in other 220 cities around the globe running such operations and many other activities.

In Beirut, we:

  • promote UK education
  • teach English to adults and young learners
  • work with teachers on developing their skills
  • provide learning opportunities for professionals
  • provide Aptis – a British Council English language test
  • offer IELTS and Cambridge University examinations
  • administer UK’s university and professional examinations
  • run competitive scholarships for postgraduate studies in the UK
  • develop education programmes and provide access to UK expertise in the English language
  • create opportunities and foster partnerships between Lebanon and the UK in areas of arts, society and education.

Our work in Arts

The UK is becoming the leading contributor to the growing arts and culture scene in Lebanon through the British Council’s New Connections programme. 

We work closely with our partners to showcase the best of Lebanese and British Art, enhance mutual cooperation and networking, and develop the capacity of artists. We explore new models of programming and partnerships to support the creative economy sector and new writers in Lebanon.

We encourage ever-increasing audiences to engage with the arts in the UK, Lebanon and overseas through exhibitions and festivals. 

Find out more about our work in the arts.

Our work in education and society

We help students find out more information about studying in the UK, and help them develop their career. We create links between schools and universities in Lebanon and the UK as well as support a number of educational events each year where UK educational institutions visit Lebanon and offer their advice to students face-to-face.

Through our focus on schools, we are able to support the Ministry of Education and Higher Education's reform programme, to build capacity and improve the standards of teaching and learning in Lebanon, while fostering better intercultural understanding between Lebanon and the UK. Our role is to provide leadership experience and shared learning in education, and to help facilitate positive social change. We support the Lebanese authorities in their response to the crisis triggered by the conflict in Syria by working with international and Lebanese partners to improve access and quality in education that benefits both Syrian refugees and host communities.

Our work in society and governance creates mutual understanding and trust between citizens, private and public institutions by engaging them to work together toward achieving a collective vision. We employ our global expertise and local knowledge to address local issues such as citizenship, socio-economic justice and governance. We work in an inclusive approach making sure youth, women, people with disabilities and marginalised groups are better represented and heard. 

Find out more information about our work in education and our work in society

Our work in English and exams

We have an internationally recognised reputation for excellence in English language teaching and we draw on our global experience to devise local programmes that meet the specific needs of Lebanon. 

We have increased the impact and reach of our work in English and Exams, giving many more students residing in Lebanon access to international opportunities, and making a major contribution to better quality English teaching and assessment in schools and universities. 

We offer and support a wide range of exams, including IELTS, school exams and many other university, medical, and professional examinations. These exams are recognised internationally and are a good way of measuring your ability in English. Employers use the exams to select employees with good English and universities often use IELTS to check the English ability of potential students. Aptis, the British Council's English assessment tool, is designed to help organisations and institutions identify standards of English and select the staff or students with the right skills.

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