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The International School Award is a prestigious badge of honour for schools that can bring an international dimension to teaching and learning. The accreditation aims to introduce or develop your school’s international dimension by providing:

  • a framework for international partnerships and global learning
  • recognition for teachers and their school
  • opportunities to raise the school’s profile through local and national media.

All schools are eligible to gain the International School Award. The accreditation framework helps you to record and evaluate international work and embed it into the curriculum and whole school ethos.

Your global partnership could help bring the school together and improve its sense of collective ethos and identity. British Council Schools Online web community can assist you in finding a partner and achieving the accreditation whilst supporting your school as they develop their international strategy.

International School Award 2022

British Council held the Virtual International School Award (ISA) ceremony on Friday 28 January 2022.

The event celebrated the success of the 46 Lebanese public and private schools (including 7 UNRWA schools) that have achieved the prestigious full International School Award and accreditation as official ISA schools in addition to two schools that completed the Intermediate level of the ISA award. 

The International School Award celebrated the achievements of schools that do exceptional work in international education. Fostering an international dimension in the curriculum is at the heart of the British Council’s work with schools, so that young people gain the cultural understanding and skills they need for life work in today’s world.

The awarded schools were:

1. Al Baker High School
2. Al Hadi Institution for Deaf, Blind and Learning Disabilities
3. Al Ishraq School
4. Al Kawthar Secondary School 
5. Al Mujtaba High School
6. Al Rahma Secondary School
7. Al Loubiah Public School
8. Al Ouzai School – Dr Mohamad Khaled Social Foundations 
9. Al-Hayat International School
10. Ali Alakber Technical and Vocational Institute 
11. Amchit Official School   (Intermediate Level)
12. American High School
13. Ankoun Public School
14. Antonine Sisters School  Mar-Doumit Roumieh
15. Arcadia College
16. As-Siraj School - Yanouh
17. Baakline Intermediate Public School
18. Bourj International College (BIC) 
19. Cadmous College (Intermediate Level)
20. Deirkifa Public School 
21. Ghassanieh Public School 
22. Imam Sadr Foundation-Rihab Zahraa School 
23. Islamic Philanthropic School / Nafela Foundation
24. Joseph Harb Public School
25. Jesus and Mary School
26. Kfarhata Secondary Public School
27. Makassed/ Khaled Bin Al-Waleed, Al-Horj College
28. Maroub Public School
29. Martyr Hassan Kassir Public School
30. Modern Academy for School Education
31. Mohammad Shamel Public School
32. Moustafa Shomran International High School
33. Phoenix International School
34. Rassool Al Mahabba 
35. Sagesse College - St.Maron - Jdeideh
36. Saint Joseph School - Cornet Chahwan
37. Sisters of Charity School -  Besançon Baabda
38. Students' Paradise Secondary School
39. Tyre Second Public School 
40. UNRWA - Jefnah Elementary School - Beqaa
41. UNRWA - Majjedo Preparatory School
42. UNRWA - Manara Elementary School  
43. UNRWA - Naqoura Preparatory School -Saida
44. UNRWA - Qadisieh Elementary School
45. UNRWA - Ramallah Elementary School - Beirut
46. UNRWA - Safad Preparatory School