DAWRIC Project: Direct Action for Women: Reform, Inclusion and Confidence

 The British Council, in coordination with the Committee for the Follow-up on Women Issues and Maharat Foundation, is implementing a two-year European Union funded project entitled DAWRIC - Direct Action for Women: Reform, Inclusion and Confidence that aims to build the capacity of women and provide broad-based support for their active involvement in public life to:

  • Combat poverty among Lebanese women
  • Ensure gender equality in political life and decision-making processes

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How we do it ?

  • We give  women the power to influence and make a difference in their local communities with a coordination with local authorities  through our British Council, Active Citizens programs. This project builds confidence, values difference and supports Gender sensitive social action projects . In this context we are funding 20 social action projects designed at grassroots levels by women NGOs.
  • We provide training opportunities in action research to support partners in advocating women participation through evidence-based data. Throughout the trainings we cover other topics as advocacy, awareness raising, stakeholder analysis, and use of media. Also we are implemeting two National advocacy campgains for women political participation and personal status law .
  • We provide platforms for experience-sharing and learning. We run events and panel discussions
  • We deliver creative entrepreneurship skills training, vocational and English sessions to Female entrepreneurs as part of the economic empowerment component

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