From Ink to Action - Using Comic Art to Save the Planet is a collaboration between The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (LICAF) and the British Council – MENA. It brings together twelve talented artists from the Arab region to tackle pressing environmental issues through the compelling medium of comic art.

In this immersive exhibition, you'll have the opportunity to explore the diverse perspectives of these twelve artists, hailing from Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. They have been commissioned to create powerful narratives that address the urgent climate crisis and environmental threats in their own contexts. Each artist offers a unique lens through which to view these global challenges.

Our exhibition goes beyond the traditional gallery space. The comic works are strategically displayed in the storefronts of bustling town centre shops, taking the discussion to the streets and closer to the public. The modules of the scenography, thoughtfully designed, reflect on the idea of individual and collective advocacy and action.

From Ink to Action will be traveling to Dubai as part of COP 28 expanding the project's global reach and impact, fostering a worldwide conversation about the environment. It will also culminate in a printed publication and a digital representation of the artworks on the website Along with the artists, and professionals from the field, we are harnessing the power of storytelling to convey the urgency of change.

As you explore this exhibition and engage with the comics, consider the impact of individual actions and the transformative potential of collective change. The climate crisis is a formidable challenge, but through the universal language of art, we can amplify our message and work together toward a more sustainable future. Join us in celebrating the creativity and innovation of Arab comic art while advocating for the planet we call home. Together, we can turn ink into action!

The artists:

Mehdi Annasi
Tracy Chahwan
Zeinab Fasiki
Noha Habaieb
Bernard Hage (Art of Boo)
Mai Koraiem

Lena Merhej
Fouad Mezher
Seif Eddine Nechi
Mo Salah
Selim Zerru

LICAF 2023
29.09 – 01.10, 2023 – Bowness, Windermere, England

British Heart Foundation, Bryson’s, Fat Face, Love the Lakes, Visitor Information Centre, Windermere Jetty Museum.

Project led by:
Julie Tait and Marc Mouarkech

Scenography by:
Rabih Koussa and Nabil Farhat

Communications by:
Creative Concern – Chris Dessent and Jo Gamble

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Sponsored by:
Plastc Lab

Special thanks to:
Lina Ghaibeh, Georges Khoury, Amany Abouzeid, Jonathan Morley, Carole Tait, Matt Burke, Simeon Leech, Zeinab Allaw, Elie Abi Akar, Rami Sbeih, Luisa Claus, Lemmy Hu, Ralph Bourji
and ARTIVATOR fellows: Sasha Mattar and Youhana Nassif