Thursday 05 March 2015

Inclusive Decisions in the public sector

A partnership between the British Council and the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform

The Office Minister of State for Administrative Reform Nabil de Freij signed a memorandum of understanding  with the Director of the British Council Donna McGowan to collaborate on a project entitled "Inclusive Decisions for Equal and Accountable Society" (IDEAS) funded by the European Union, which aims to integrate people with disabilities in decision making and public policy process. The project which also runs in 6 other countries will target the public sector and civil society institutions. In Lebanon the project is implemented by Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union LPHU.

The agreement includes training of trainers to a number of the OMSAR trainers on how to train public sector employees on the integration of people with disability in the making and implementation of public policies. Then at a later stage these trainers will transfer their knowledge and skills to 40 Lebanese public sector employees. The first series of workshops are expected to start 23 March 2015 at the headquarters of the Office of Minister of State for Administrative Reform. It is noteworthy that between the eighth and fourteenth of March the British Council is celebrating the diversity, equality and inclusion Week (EDI), which will witness several activities and events focusing on the importance of diversity to the enrichment and development of societies.