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#PoliYouth - “Technical Assistance to Support Youth Development in Lebanon” - is a 24 month project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council in collaboration with the American University of Beirut.

What are the objectives? 

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the enabling environment for the implementation of the National Youth Policy and youth development in Lebanon.

This can be subdivided into two objectives:

  • Specific objective 1: To enhance the roles of the Ministry of Youth & Sports (MoY&S) and the Youth Forum (YF) to advance priorities for youth and the National Youth Policy
  • Specific objective 2: To enhance co-operation, governance and accountability in relation to the National Youth Policy and priorities for youth.

How will this be achieved? 

  • Strategic review of organisational and operational capacity and understanding of youth within the MoY&S and the YF 
  • Building the operational, administrative, and legal capacities of the MoY&S and the YF
  •  Improving information and knowledge management mechanisms of the MoY&S and the YF 

  • Setting out Youth Policy priorities and a shared action plan as it relates to each beneficiary’s scope of work
  • Capacity building to support the implementation of Youth Policy priorities and other positive actions for youth
  • Increasing awareness of youth developments and the promotion of the National Youth Policy
  • Building consensus and testing out options to improve the advisory and accountability mechanisms for the Youth Policy

 What are the expected results? 

  • Expected Result 1: Organisational and institutional capacity of both the MoY&S and the YF are enhanced
  • Expected Result 2: Tools, mechanisms and strategies for advocacy and applied outreach around Youth Policy issues are in place
  • Expected Result 3: A shared co-operation, governance and accountability model between youth stakeholders is established


Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) meet on a quarterly basis to ensure a youth perspective is provided on all issues relating directly to youth. Its members include representatives from youth NGOs, Youth Forum, public sector and private sector. Members will not be fixed for the duration of the project, meaning that new people with different areas of specialism will be able to join and share their technical expertise.

Within its scope of work, the group will provide stakeholders in youth development with the opportunity to voice their views and contributions in the project plans and activities. It will support the steering committee in identifying issues related to youth in different areas and provide advice on how to approach them. It will also provide a forum to communicate key messages relating to the project to influential youth actors.

Consultation meetings

The project delivered a series of consultation meetings across the country as a mechanism to engage youth. The meetings provided an invaluable opportunity to bring youth together to discuss the issues they are facing and the steps required to solve them.

There is a strong belief that if youth are to seek more engagement in civil and political decision making, then they would be the prime advocates for changing policies and procedures that influence their lives. It is therefore through these consultations meetings that youth were given a voice and the findings formed the basis of the advocacy strategy. 

The consultation meetings were organised in partnership with local non-governmental organisations and delivered in the following cities:

City Date
 Sidon 31/10/2017
 Jbeil 11/11/2017
 Hermel 17/11/2017
 Tripoli 24/11/2017
 Akkar 01/12/2017
 Nabatiyi 09/12/2017
 Beirut 14/12/2017
Chouf 16/12/2017

Get involved

If you would like to find out more information about the project then please contact the British Council Lebanon directly here.