British Council Lebanon- Teacher training
TC Teacher training

If you are a teacher of English, we have short courses to help you refine your classroom skills and practise the latest teaching techniques. 

Learn how to plan more efficiently, motivate your learners, get your students speaking, and collect some great ideas for teaching pronunciation, reading, writing and listening.

Creativity in the Classroom

Content Length Suitability
  • Icebreakers
  • Live listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Noticing Language
  • Communicative speaking
  • Interactive reading
  • Motivating writing tasks
  • Vocabulary
  • Finding supplementary material
  • Technology for teaching
  • Micro teaching.

Input = about 15 - 18 hrs

Each input session = 1.5 to 2 hrs

Preparation and micro-teaching = 7

Total course length = 25 hours

Can be done in 5 days x 5 hours

Teachers of English

Making teaching more communicative

Content Length Suitability
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Developing Speaking skills
  • Teaching Writing
  • Developing receptive Skills

Input = 12 hours

Each input session = 3 hours

Can be done in 2 days x 6 hours

Teachers of English

Making our lessons more learner-centred

Content Length Suitability
  • Motivating Your Learners
  • Creating a Learner-centred Classroom
  • Planning Learner-centred lessons / Assessing your learners

Input = 12 hours

Each session = 2 hours

Can be done in 2 days x 6 hours

Created initially for Teachers of English but teachers of other subjects may benefit from general concepts.