Throughout the year, we support a variety of exhibitions, fairs, seminars and programmes for people to find out more about studying in the UK or studying with a UK institution.

Find out about some of the events below:


ACADEMIA emanates from our belief in free choice and the importance of providing alternative opportunities especially in international education for the young generations, as well as opportunities of institutional development for the professional sector.

Educom Overseas

An international education and training consultants, based in Lebanon, representing a range of providers and universities from the UK and many more from other countries (Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.).

Global Study UK

Global Study UK is a London based British Company with an office in Beirut, that prides itself with having a team of specialised counsellors that have been working in education for over 30 years and are dedicated to student placement in Higher Education Institutions. 

FORWARD Recruitment and Education Forum

The International Forum for Orientation and Recruitment has successfully evolved as a key venue where all parties concerned with employment, education and training can meet and interact effectively to keep up with the increasing challenges of the global market. 

Education basket

Education Basket was created in Doha, Qatar in February 2013. It is an Education Services company aimed at helping the Arab youth determine an academic path that will lead them to success. With international collaborations, they help students take life-altering decisions at the world’s best colleges.

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