About the programme

“Women Participating in Public Life” is a regional project that supports women who want to make a more valuable and lasting contribution to their societies by being actively participating in public institution locally and nationally. 

The project was designed in 2012 as a direct response to the need of women who had a key role along men in shaping up their nation’s future. It started with four countries; Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. These countries have supported women volunteering in local projects improving gender equality and the public life of their communities and trained them to implement projects of their own.

Given the success of the project, and given the needs of woman in the Levant and especially in Lebanon, we have decided to implement the project in three additional countries; Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine.

How do we do it?

  • We give young women the power to influence and make a difference in their local communities through our British Council community leadership programme, Active Citizens. This project builds confidence, values difference and supports social action. 
  • We help existing and emerging coalitions of women's organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), authorities and media to support women's public participation. This is done through capacity-building workshops and exchange visits with leading UK women's organisations.
  • We provide training opportunities in action research to support partners in advocating women participation through evidence-based data. Throughout the trainings we cover other topics as advocacy, awareness raising, stakeholder analysis, and use of media. 
  • We provide platforms for experience-sharing and learning. We run regional events including study visits, conferences and workshops to support work and share the learning.

Partners in Lebanon

We are engaging with a number of women based organisations and government institution.  With them we are working with a number of local partners and civil society organisations and municipalities to cover all areas in Lebanon. 

More Information

To learn more about the programme or to get involved in the programme send your questions to society1@lb.britishcouncil.org 

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