International Women's Day 2018

We aim to ensure women and girls participate in, and benefit from, decision making and social change. 

Although the changes which swept across the MENA region since 2011 have provided opportunities, there is much more to be done to ensure that stereotypes are challenged, and women are empowered and supported to bring about positive social change which allows them to participate fully in their communities. 

Particular challenges faced by women and girls in the region today include:

  • Lack of opportunities.
  • Strong social norms for women to be the home-makers.
  • Women’s engagement in public spheres, including civil society, is limited. 

What we do

Our work addresses these challenges through programmes which raise awareness, provide skills training and offer access to opportunities.

Springboard Women’s Leadership Programme

Springboard is a personal and work development programme. It helps participants to acquire the skills and confidence they need to take more control over their lives.

Direct Action for Women: Reform, Inclusion and Confidence (DAWRIC)

DAWRIC aims to actively involve women in public life to combat poverty and ensure more equality in political life and decision making. Working with local government agencies and civil society organisations, it focuses on skills and knowledge sharing.

Gulf Culture and Sports

This Gulf-wide sports programme is delivered in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sports and is developing youth sports leadership, inclusive sports programmes for women and girls, as well as promoting the values of volunteering, inclusion and well-being. 

Violence free campuses in Egypt

The VAWG Free Campuses project will take a rights-based approach to creating a safe university environment for all the members of the community, as well as enhancing the capacity of the Anti-Harassment Unit to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls at Cairo University.

Promoting the role of women and youth towards peaceful Mediterranean societies (pipeline)

This project aims to engage young women and men in to contribute to peaceful and equal societies in the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

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