The language and academic skills courses will support the students to develop their language and academic skills in key areas. There are two levels for the students, the 'A' level and the 'B' level, with the 'A' level being the lower one, and the 'B' level the higher. The courses are not aimed at beginner level students, as the entry level is Pre-intermediate (A2 on the CEFR).

Aim of English and academic skills course

English and Academic Skills courses aim to support Syrians hoping to re-enter university education.  This will be done by providing students with language support and academic coaching to allow the them to succeed when studying in English at university.

What is the Language and Academic Skills Course?

  •  The programme will consist of 96 hours of English language training.  
  • Classes will be held twice a week.  Each class is 3 hours
  • Each student will receive a course book to help them with their studies on the course.
  • Students need to achieve 60 per cent or over to pass the course.  Students also need to attend 50 per cent of the programme in order to pass
  • Each student will receive a certificate, providing information on their attendance and final grade for the course. 

What qualifications do I need? 

  • You should have completed secondary education in your country 
  • Potential students will need to take a placement test to show they meet the minimum language requirements (CEFR A2/B1). 

Where will the course be held? 

Both the placement tests and the courses will be held in multiple locations across Lebanon:

  • Qalamoun in the North – classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 1000 to 1300 or from 1430 to 1730
  • Beirut, Saida and Saadnayel in the Bekaa – classes are every Tuesday and Thursday from 1430 to 1730

What does the course cost?

The course is funded by the European Union and there will be no cost to those who qualify to attend and help in transportation cost will be provided.

How do I apply to join the courses? 

To join the course you will need to take a placement test. Please see next page for details of how to do this.

The LASER Placement Tests

The placement tests will take place across Lebanon at the following venues on the following days:

  • Qalamoun           Monday 23 May from 1000 to 1300 and from 1430 to 1730 (last date for booking a test Friday 20  May)
  • Beirut                    Tuesday 24 May from 1430 to 1730 (last date for booking a test is Friday 20 May) 
  • Saida                     Thursday 26 May from 1430 to 1730 (last date for booking a test Tuesday 24 May)
  • Zahle                     Thursday 26 May from 1430 to 1730 (last date for booking a test Tuesday 24 May)

Tests will be conducted at hourly intervals

Qalamoun:  1000 to 1100, 1100 to 1200 and 1200 to 1300 in the morning and in the afternoon 1430 to 1530 ,  1530 to 1630 and from 1630 to 1730

Beirut, Saida and Saadnayel in the Bekaa:  1430 to 1530, 1530 to 1630 and 1630 to 1730

You must arrive to the venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the test in order to sit for the test.

To book a time to take a placement test, please call one of the following telephone numbers below before the dates indicated in brackets above and between the times of 8:00 to 16:30. 

NRC Education – North Lebanon Hotline number: 03-009236

NRC Education – South Lebanon Hotline number: 03-002278

NRC Education – Bekaa Valley Hotline number: 78-801301     

Beirut - Hayfa Farhat and  70-808928

You may also get details of the venues and enquire about help with transportation costs, and obtain any other information regarding LASER from these numbers.