Investing in the Lebanese Creative Economy 25 Nov 2010 ©

British Council Lebanon - 2010

The British Council has been a key supporter of the Creative Economy sector in Lebanon during the past decade. This was translated through many programmes and advocacy campaigns to promote entrepreneurship and influence related policies.

Our programmes are targeting creative entrepreneurs, organisations, public sector, academics, international agencies and investors in this field offering trainings, seminars, conferences, competitions, and networking opportunities. We work in partnerships with key players in the sector such as the Lebanon Creative Cluster, Beirut Creative Cluster, Cisco and Gaia Heritage.   

We focus with partners on influencing effective policy making because of its essential role for the development of a sustainable and competitive creative economy. The structure around which the creative economy develops is shaped by a series of government interventions, from Intellectual Properties regulations to tax regimes and education policies.

The Bridge’ is one of our projects focusing on Intelligent Creativity which is a range of training programmes developed specifically to help companies in the creative media sector to build more robust businesses by helping them better recognise and unlock their creative potential.


This project was developed on the legacy of our previous annual series of seminars and trainings such as ‘Investing in the Lebanese Creative Economy’ and the ‘Cross Media Week’.  

Made by Many

Made by Many  programme is to seek out creative practitioners and cultural pioneers who are exploring the frontiers between culture, enterprise, social development and technology and are specifically involved or interested in the creation of co-working and collaboration spaces. 

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