CLI 2013 participants

We manage the CLI ‘Cultural Leadership and Innovation’ annual programme facilitating leadership networking and exchange in the cultural sector. Till 2013, 20 cultural leaders from Lebanon were given support to develop skills and capacity through a range of opportunities including trainings, work placements, mentoring and international networking and collaborations. The CLI network became one of the strongest cultural networks in the MENA region, providing useful information and facilitating exchange.

 Our Cultural Leadership and Innovation programme aims to:

  • identify and support emerging talent in the region’s creative and cultural sector
  • create a network of cultural leaders and innovators, and connect them with similar groups across the Middle East and in the UK
  • raise awareness of key issues affecting the cultural sector
  • provide grants for viable small projects suggested by participants
  • develop the influence of the arts in the region.

How do we do this?

By developing leadership, networking and ideas we help creative talent influence society through:

  • cultural innovation lab workshops
  • grants to develop ideas and undertake training
  • participation in a regional Cultural Policy Summit  where they can share ideas with policy makers and industry leaders.

Who do we work with?

We work with Lebanon's next generation of cultural leaders, who can:

  • lead and influence the country’s creative sector
  • make a difference to the sector and the nation’s social and economic wellbeing
  • engage the creative industries with wider social, economic and environmental issues
  • collaborate and engage with other people and ideas
  • develop personal and professional relationships with the sector in the UK, the Middle East and North Africa.  


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