About Build Back Better

In March 2021, British Council engaged in a series of round tables on how we can Build Back Better. The initiative brought together more than 25 key people from the arts and culture sector that shared their insights on the challenges and opportunities of the sector after the multiple crises Lebanon went through.

These insights led to a report explaining the situation from the cultural practitioners’ perspective and generating recommendations to how we can together rebuild stronger, safer and more disaster-resilient systems in arts and culture.

The report was visually translated into a 4-minute video.

On September 14th, 2021, British Council and afikra organized a conversation circle around the potential role/s the international entities working in Lebanon can have in supporting its arts and culture scene. 

Following the Build Back Better initiative, 30 people from both the local and the international sphere took the time to discuss the priorities of the sector in today’s rapidly changing context.

This conversation was graciously hosted by Mina Image Center.

 Click below to read the full report.