Active Citizens implementing a litter pick project ©

Youth for Peace 

Social action projects are carried out by individuals or groups of people working together for the good of others and not for profit.

The objective of the projects is to bring about social change that will benefit an individual, communities or society. 

As part of the Active Citizens training programme, participants develop the skills and knowledge to help them plan and implement a social action project. They work together to deliver action that enhances community life. The project should be principled, well-planned and make use of local–global links.

In Lebanon, a diverse range of social action projects have been implemented that have tackled some of the most pertinent issues within society. Find out more about a few projects below: 


Thirty Active Citizens at the ‘Al Hadi Institute for the deaf, blind and students with learning difficulties’ have been delivering a project to raise awareness on environmental issues.

The Active Citizens have been visiting two neighbouring schools a month, where they have used theatre to share their messages. The group recently performed a silent play to tackle the issue of water misuse; they used the movement of their bodies to communicate messages around water waste from showers as well water pollution from throwing rubbish into springs, while at the same time, music was played by blind participants on the stage.

The project has had a great impact on the Active Citizens as they expressed how positive they felt about interacting and building friendships with people they would not normally meet. While also being pleased that they were able to share important messages concerning the environment which will hopefully have a lasting impact on their communities.

Fighting for Peace

The project’s primary objective is to raise awareness about the risks of armed conflict and the danger of slipping again into a civil war. The documentary was co-produced by British Council under the national initiative to promote peace and community cohesion. It has been screened at a number of schools across the country as a tool for education. 

Watch the fascinating documentary here